Dirac PilotDirector class, it uses DIRAC CE backends to submit and monitor pilots. It includes:

  • basic configuration for Dirac PilotDirector

A DIRAC PilotDirector make use directly to CE methods to place the pilots on the underlying resources.

class DIRAC.WorkloadManagementSystem.private.DIRACPilotDirector.DIRACPilotDirector(submitPool)

Bases: DIRAC.WorkloadManagementSystem.private.PilotDirector.PilotDirector

DIRAC PilotDirector class


Check if a CE object for the current CE is available, instantiate one if necessary

configure(csSection, submitPool)

Here goes common configuration for DIRAC PilotDirector


reload from CS

exceptionCallBack(threadedJob, exceptionInfo)
gridMiddleware = ''
reloadConfiguration(csSection, submitPool)

Common Configuration can be overwriten for each GridMiddleware

submitPilots(taskQueueDict, pilotsToSubmit, workDir=None)

Submit pilot for the given TaskQueue, this method just insert the request in the corresponding ThreadPool, the submission is done from the Thread Pool job


Look into LocalSite for Resource Requirements