6.3. RSS Configuration

The basic configuration for the RSS is minimal, and must be placed under the Operations section, preferably on Defaults subsection.

                            State       = Active
                            Cache       = 720
                            FromAddress = email@address
                                default = all
                                StorageElement = ReadAccess,WriteAccess,CheckAccess,RemoveAccess

6.3.1. Config section

This section is all you need to get the RSS working. The parameters are the following:


< Active || InActive ( default if not specified ) > is the flag used on the ResourceStatus helper to switch between CS and RSS. If Active, RSS is used.


< <int> || 300 ( default if not specified ) > [ seconds ] sets the lifetime for the cached information on RSSCache.


< <string> || ( default dirac mail address ) > email used t osend the emails from ( sometimes a valid email address is needed ).


if a ElementType has more than one StatusType ( aka StorageElement ), we have to specify them here, Otherwise, β€œall” is taken as StatusType.