RMSMonitoring type is used to monitor behaviour pattern of requests executed by RequestManagementSystem inside DataManagementSystem/Agent/RequestOperations.

Understanding the key fields: ‘objectType’: This field describes the type of object which can be Request, Operation, or File. ‘operationType’: This field contains the type of operation being performed for eg. MoveReplica, PutAndRegister, etc. ‘status’: This field contains the status of the operation performed i.e. Attempted, Failed, or Successful. ‘objectID’: This field will be RequestID if Request object / OperationID if Operation object. ‘parentID’: This field will be RequestID if Operation object / OperationID if File object.

Understanding the monitoring fields: ‘nbObject’: This field is used to describe the number of objects in question during the operation.

class DIRAC.MonitoringSystem.Client.Types.RMSMonitoring.RMSMonitoring

Bases: BaseType

class RMSMonitoring



self – self reference


mapping (dict) – the mapping used by elasticsearch


The mandatory fields has to be present