Container for TaskManager plug-ins, to handle the destination of the tasks

class DIRAC.TransformationSystem.Client.TaskManagerPlugin.TaskManagerPlugin(plugin, operationsHelper=None)

Bases: PluginBase

A TaskManagerPlugin object should be instantiated by every TaskManager object.

self.params here could be {‘Status’: ‘Created’, ‘TargetSE’: ‘Unknown’, ‘TransformationID’: 1086L, ‘RunNumber’: 0L, ‘Site’: ‘DIRAC.Test.ch’, ‘TaskID’: 21L, ‘InputData’: ‘’, ‘JobType’: ‘MCSimulation’} which corresponds to paramsDict in TaskManager (which is in fact a tasks dict)

__init__(plugin, operationsHelper=None)

plugin name has to be passed in: it will then be executed as one of the functions below, e.g. plugin = ‘BySize’ will execute TransformationPlugin(‘BySize’)._BySize()


this is a wrapper to invoke the plugin (self._%s()” % self.plugin)


Extensions may re-define it