Utilities to create replication transformations

DIRAC.TransformationSystem.Utilities.ReplicationTransformation.createDataTransformation(flavour, targetSE, sourceSE, metaKey, metaValue, extraData=None, extraname='', groupSize=1, plugin='Broadcast', tGroup=None, tBody=None, enable=False)

Creates the replication transformation based on the given parameters.

  • flavour (str) – Flavour of replication to create: Replication or Moving

  • targetSE (list or str) – Destination for files

  • sourceSE (list or str) – Origin of files

  • metaKey (int) – Meta key to identify input files

  • metaValue (int) – Meta value to identify input files

  • metaData (dict) – Additional meta data to use to identify input files

  • extraname (str) – addition to the transformation name, only needed if the same transformation was already created

  • groupSize (int) – number of files per transformation taks

  • plugin (str) – plugin to use

  • tGroup (str) – transformation group to set

  • tBody – transformation body to set

  • enable (bool) – if true submit the transformation, otherwise dry run


S_OK (with the transformation object, if successfully added), S_ERROR

DIRAC.TransformationSystem.Utilities.ReplicationTransformation.getTransformationName(transName, unique=True)

Get a transformation name from a base name.

If unique is requested, return None if it already exists and is not in a final state. If unique is requested and the transformation is final increments index until an unfinished transformation is found (results in None), or a final one is found and the name with one higher index is returned.