CStoJSONSynchronizer Module that keeps the pilot parameters file synchronized with the information in the Operations/Pilot section of the CS. If there are additions in the CS, these are incorporated to the file. The module uploads to a web server the latest version of the pilot scripts.

class DIRAC.WorkloadManagementSystem.Utilities.PilotCStoJSONSynchronizer.PilotCStoJSONSynchronizer

Bases: object

2 functions are executed: - It updates a JSON file with the values on the CS which can be used by Pilot3 pilots - It updates the pilot 3 files This synchronizer can be triggered at any time via PilotCStoJSONSynchronizer().sync().


c’tor Just setting defaults

getCSDict(includeMasterCS: bool = True) DOKReturnType[Any] | DErrorReturnType

Gets minimal info for running a pilot, from the CS. The complete Operations section is dumped to a dictionary. A decision which VO to use will be delegated to a pilot.


pilotDict (containing pilots run info)

Return type:

S_OK, S_ERROR, value is pilotDict

syncScripts() DOKReturnType[Any]

Clone the pilot scripts from the Pilot repositories (handle also extensions)