Developer Guide

The DIRAC Developer Guide is describing procedures, rules and practical details for developing new DIRAC components. The section Development Model describes the general code management procedures, building and distribution of the DIRAC releases.

To work on the code, DIRAC developers need to set up an environment to work on the software components and to test it together with other parts of the distributed system. Setting up such an environment is discussed in Developing in DIRAC: the Development Environment.

An overview of the DIRAC software architecture is presented in the Architecture overview section. Detailed instructions on how to develop various types of DIRAC components are given in Developing DIRAC components chapter. It gives examples with explanations, common utilities are discussed as well. More detailes on the available interfaces can be found in the Code Documentation (integration) part.

For issues, please open a GitHub issue. For questions, comments, or operational issues, use GitHub discussions.