Shorthand Commands

These commands are aimed at frequent users of a DIRAC UI, especially if you experience latency issues, as this setup offers a caching mechanism. They do require some initial setup.

  1. Before using any DIRAC UI commands you need to set up your DIRAC UI environment and get a proxy:

    $ source diracos/diracosrc
    $ dirac-proxy-init -g [your DIRAC group]
  2. Setting up your defaults.

    You only need to do this once:

    $ dconfig --minimal

    This will create a skeleton config file in ~/.dirac/dcommands.conf

    Now edit the configuration file using your details. If you are a member of more than one VO, you might want to set up different profiles for each. Your current group will be automatically picked up from your proxy.

    default_profile = myvo_user
    group_name = myvo_user
    home_dir = /myvo/user/m/mydir
    default_se = MYHOME-SE-disk
    group_name = my2vo_prod
    home_dir = /my2vo/prod/mc
    default_se = ANOTHER-SE-disk

    Now you are set up to use the DIRAC short commands. For a full list of what is available, please see the Shorthand Command Reference section.