Operations / Shifter - Subsection

In this subsection administrators may specify a list of user/group pairs whom proxy certificates will be used for executing actions outside of the DIRAC environment.

Examples include, but are not limited to::
  • issuing transfer requests to an external system (e.g. FTS3)

  • querying grid databases (e.g. GOC DB)





Name of service managers

Admin ProductionManager DataManager MonteCarloGeneration DataProcessing


DIRAC user name

User = vhamar


DIRAC user group

Group = dirac_admin

Running agents can use these “shifters” for executing the examples above: agents requiring to act with a credential can specify the option shifterProxy, or using a certain default, like “DataManager”.

In general, to force any Agent to execute using a “shifter” credential, instead of the certificate of the server it is only necessary to add a valid shifterProxy option in its configuration (in the /Systems section).