Resources / Computing

In this section options for ComputingElements can be set

Location for Parameters

Options for computing elements can be set at different levels, from lowest to highest prority


This section is used to define a compatibility matrix between dirac platforms (dirac-platform) and OS versions.

An example of this session is the following:

  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 = x86_64_CentOS_Carbon_6.6
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Carbon_6.7
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Core_7.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Core_7.5
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Final_6.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Final_6.7
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Final_6.9
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Final_7.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_CentOS_Final_7.5
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_RedHatEnterpriseLinuxServer_6.7_Santiago
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_RedHatEnterpriseLinuxServer_7.2_Maipo
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_Scientific_6_6.9
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_Scientific_Carbon_6.8
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_Scientific_Carbon_6.9
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Boron_6.5
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Carbon_6.3
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Carbon_6.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Carbon_6.5
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Carbon_6.6
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Carbon_6.7
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificCERNSLC_Carbon_6.9
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificLinux-6.9_0_0
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Boron_6.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.10
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.3
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.5
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.6
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.7
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.8
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.9
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6x
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Carbon_6.x
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_Nitrogen_7.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_SL_6.4
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_ScientificSL_SL_6.5
  Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5 += x86_64_SL_Nitrogen_7.2

What’s on the left is an example of a dirac platform as determined the dirac-platform script (dirac-platform). This platform is declared to be compatible with a list of “OS” strings. These strings are identifying the architectures of computing elements. This list of strings can be constructed from the “Architecture” + “OS” fields that can be found in the CEs description in the CS (cs-sites).

This compatibility is, by default, used by the SiteDirector when deciding if to send a pilot or not to a certain CE: the SiteDirector matches “TaskQueues” to Computing Element capabilities.

Other subsections are instead used to describe specific types of computing elements:

For all computing elements
For CEs of a given type, e.g., HTCondorCE or ARC
For all CEs at a given site
For the specific CE

Values are overwritten.

General Parameters

These parameters are valid for all types of computing elements

Name Description Example
GridEnv Default environment file sourced before calling grid commands, without extension ‘.sh’. /opt/dirac/gridenv (when the file is

ARC CE Parameters

Name Description Example
XRSLExtraString Default additional string for ARC submit files  
XRSLMPExtraString Default additional string for ARC submit files for multi-processor jobs.  
Host The host for the ARC CE, used to overwrite the ce name  
WorkingDirectory Directory where the pilot log files are stored locally. /opt/dirac/pro/runit/WorkloadManagement/SiteDirectorArc

Singularity CE Parameters

Name Description Example
ContainerRoot The root image location for the container to use. /cvmfs/
ContainerExtraOpts Extra options for dirac-install within the container. -u ‘’ -g ‘v13r0’

HTCondorCE Parameters

Options for the HTCondorCEs

Name Description Example
ExtraSubmitString Additional string for the condor submit file. Separate entries with “\n”. request_cpus = 8 \n periodic_remove = …
WorkingDirectory Directory where the pilot log files are stored locally. Also temproray files like condor submit files are kept here. This option is only read from the global Resources/Computing/HTCondorCE location. /opt/dirac/pro/runit/WorkloadManagement/SiteDirectorHT
UseLocalSchedd If True use a local condor schedd to submit jobs, if False submit to remote condor schedd Default is True
DaysToKeepLogFiles How many days pilot log files are kept on the disk before they are removed 15

CREAM CE Parameters

Name Description Example
ExtraJDLParameters Additional JDL parameters to submit pilot jobs to CREAm CE. Separate entries with “;”. ExtraJDLParameters = GPUNumber=1; OneMore=”value”