Installing a Dedicated DIRAC FileCatalog

This HowTo explains the steps needed to install an additional instance of the DIRAC FileCatalog, which uses a separated Database.

For this to work one needs a separate database, which will be assumed to be called NFCDB from now on. Using the dirac-admin-sysadmin-cli does not allow one to add NFCDB, so it has to be done manually.

Prepare the CS for the new Database

First the information for the new database is added to the Configuration System. All the parameters in the Systems/DataManagement/<SETUP>/Databases/NFCDB section can be copied from the FileCatalogDB section, except that the DBName has to be pointing to the soon to be created database:


Host and Port of the MySQL server can be the same as for FileCatalogDB, but can also be different if the database is hosted on a different server.

Fill the new Database with the Necessary Tables

Now the database has to be created on the MySQL server and the Dirac user has to be granted the proper permissions.

The database name has to be changed in the sql file used to create all the tables needed by the Dirac FileCatalog. In the shell:

wget -O NFCDB.sql
sed -i s/FileCatalogDB/NFCDB/g NFCDB.sql

on the MySQL server as root or admin:

create database NFCDB;

and grant the Dirac user the necessary permissions on NFCDB. See The beginning of NFCDB.sql for the necessary permissions. The proper syntax for the GRANT statements depends on the MySQL version.

create all the tables in the database:

mysql -U Dirac -p < NFCDB.sql


If this does not work the dirac user has insufficient permissions on the NFCDB, maybe run it as root/admin, but do not forget to Grant the dirac user the permissions on the database (There are no clear error messages when that is forgotten, the service will just appear to hang.

Install the DFC Service

Install the new Dirac FileCatalog service. The Database option has to be set to DataManagement/NFCDB or just NFCDB, because DataManagement is pre-pended.

in the dirac-admin-sysadmin-cli:

install service DataManagement NewFileCatalog -p Port=9198 -p Database=NFCDB

The service options, and also the URL section should be re-viewed for the value used for the new service.

Configuration Settings

The NewFilecatalog has to be added in the configuration section Resources/FileCatalogs:

  CatalogType = FileCatalog
  CatalogURL = DataManagement/NewFileCatalog

See also the documentation on Catalogs.

The NewFileCatalog section has to be added in the VO dependent section of the Operations section so that NewFilecAtalog` is only picked up when using this VO. The CatalogList option has to be set as well, to define which catalog to use for the THEVO, otherwise it will use all catalogs Operations/<THEVO>/Defaults/Services/Catalogs/CatalogList = NewFileCatalog.


          CatalogList = NewFileCatalog
            AccessType = Read-Write
            Status = Active
            Master = True

Testing the new FileCatalog

The command dirac-dms-filecatalog-cli does not pick up the FileCatalog from Operations by itself at the moment (v7r0p2), but it can be told filecatalog to use:

dirac-dms-filecatalog-cli -f NewFileCatalog -ddd

If everything worked one should see in the debug output that the NewFileCatalog is accessed

The command dirac-dms-add-file does figure out from the VO which filecatalog should be used.