class DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.SyncPlugins.DummySyncPlugin.DummySyncPlugin

Bases: object

Dummy Synchronization plugin that does nothing. It is used to document what are the requirements for a real Sync plugin.

Such plugins are meant to validate user’s information about to be added to the CS, or to complete it with various sources. They are called by the DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.VOMS2CSSynchronizer.VOMS2CSSynchronizer.syncCSWithVOMS()


The constructor does not receive any argument. Note that the plugin is instanciated only once, so this is a good place to do global initialization.

verifyAndUpdateUserInfo(username, userDict)

This method is expected to validate the user’s data passed as parameter, but is also allowed to extend them.

In case the validation was not to pass, this method must raise ValueError. The user would then not be added to the CS.

  • username – DIRAC name of the user to be added

  • userDict – user information collected by the VOMS2CSAgent. Typical keys include DN,``CA``, Email, Groups




ValueError – in case user information do not pass validation