Module collecting functions dealing with the GLUE2 information schema



Known problems:

  • ARC CEs do not seem to publish wall or CPU time per queue anywhere

  • There is no consistency between which memory information is provided where, execution environment vs. information for a share

  • Some execution environment IDs are used more than once

Print outs with “SCHEMA PROBLEM” point – in my opinion – to errors in the published information, like a foreign key pointing to non-existent entry.

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.Glue2.getGlue2CEInfo(vo, host=None)

call ldap for GLUE2 and get information

  • vo (str) – Virtual Organisation

  • host (str) – host to query for information


result structure with result[‘Value’][siteID][‘CEs’][ceID][‘Queues’][queueName]. For each siteID, ceID, queueName all the GLUE2 parameters are retrieved