DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SitesDIRACGOCDBmapping.getDIRACGOCDictionary(*args, **kwargs)

Create a dictionary containing DIRAC site names and GOCDB site names using a configuration provided by CS.

return:A dictionary of DIRAC site names (key) and GOCDB site names (value).

Deprecated: Use DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.Utilities.getDIRACGOCDictionary

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SitesDIRACGOCDBmapping.getDIRACSesForHostName(*args, **kwargs)

returns the DIRAC SEs that share the same hostName

param str hostName:
 host name, e.g. ‘’
return:S_OK with list of DIRAC SE names, or S_ERROR

Deprecated: Use DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.Utilities.getDIRACSiteName

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SitesDIRACGOCDBmapping.getDIRACSiteName(*args, **kwargs)

Get DIRAC site name, given the GOC DB site name, as it stored in the CS

params:gocSiteName - string: GOC DB site name (e.g. ‘CERN-PROD’)

Deprecated: Use DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.Helpers.Resources.getDIRACSiteName

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SitesDIRACGOCDBmapping.getGOCFTSName(*args, **kwargs)

Get GOC DB FTS server URL, given the DIRAC FTS server name, as it stored in the CS

params:diracFTSName - string: DIRAC FTS server name (e.g. ‘CERN-FTS3’)

Deprecated: Use DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.Helpers.Resources.getGOCFTSName

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SitesDIRACGOCDBmapping.getGOCSiteName(*args, **kwargs)

Get GOC DB site name, given the DIRAC site name, as it stored in the CS

params:diracSiteName - string: DIRAC site name (e.g. ‘’)

Deprecated: Use DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.Helpers.Resources.getGOCSiteName

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SitesDIRACGOCDBmapping.getGOCSites(*args, **kwargs)

Deprecated: Use DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.Helpers.Resources.getGOCSites