class DIRAC.DataManagementSystem.Client.FTS3Client.FTS3Client(url=None, **kwargs)

Bases: DIRAC.Core.Base.Client.Client

Client code to the FTS3 service

__init__(url=None, **kwargs)

Constructor function.

executeRPC(*parms, **kws)

This method extracts some parameters from kwargs that are used as parameter of the constructor or RPCClient. Unfortunately, only a few of all the available parameters of BaseClient are exposed.

  • rpc – if an RPC client is passed, use that one
  • timeout – we can change the timeout on a per call bases. Default is self.timeout
  • url – We can specify which url to use
getActiveJobs(limit=20, lastMonitor=None, jobAssignmentTag='Assigned', **kwargs)

Get all the FTSJobs that are not in a final state

Parameters:limit – max number of jobs to retrieve
Returns:list of FTS3Jobs
getNonFinishedOperations(limit=20, operationAssignmentTag='Assigned', **kwargs)

Get all the FTS3Operations that have files in New or Failed state (reminder: Failed is NOT terminal for files. Failed is when fts failed, but we can retry)

Parameters:limit – max number of jobs to retrieve
Returns:json list of FTS3Operation
getOperation(operationID, **kwargs)

Get the FTS3Operation from the database

Parameters:operationID – id of the operation
Returns:FTS3Operation object
getOperationsFromRMSOpID(rmsOpID, **kwargs)

Get the FTS3Operations matching a given RMS Operation

Parameters:rmsOpID – id of the operation in the RMS
Returns:list of FTS3Operation objects

Getter for the server url. Useful ?

persistOperation(opObj, **kwargs)

Persist (insert/update) an FTS3Operation object into the db

Parameters:opObj – instance of FTS3Operation

Set the server URL used by default

Parameters:url – url of the service

Specify the timeout of the call. Forwarded to RPCClient

param int timeout:
 timeout for the RPC calls

Deprecated: Please use self._getRPC(timeout) or self.timeout=<value>

updateFileStatus(cls, fileStatusDict, ftsGUID, **kwargs)

Update the file ftsStatus and error

  • fileStatusDict – { fileID : { status , error } }
  • ftsGUID – (not mandatory) If specified, only update the rows where the ftsGUID matches this value.

Automatically created for the service function export_updateFileStatus()

updateJobStatus(cls, jobStatusDict, **kwargs)

Update the job Status and error

Parameters:jobStatusDict – { jobID : { status , error } }

Automatically created for the service function export_updateJobStatus()