synopsis:making sure that all required bits and pieces are in place for FTSLfn, FTSJob and FTSJobFile

A general and simple fts validator checking for required attributes and logic. It checks if required attributes are set/unset but not for their values.

There is a global singleton validator for general use defined in this module: gFTSValidator.

class DIRAC.DataManagementSystem.private.FTSValidator.FTSValidator

Bases: object

class FTSValidator


classmethod hasFTSJobFiles(obj)

check if FTSJob has FTSJobFiles

Parameters:obj (mixed) – FTSJob instance
classmethod hasReqAttrs(obj)

has required attributes set

Parameters:obj (mixed) – FTSFile, FTSJob of FTSSite instance
instance = <DIRAC.DataManagementSystem.private.FTSValidator.FTSValidator object>
classmethod isA(obj)

object is a proper class

Parameters:obj (mixed) – FTSJob, FTSFile or FTSSite instance
Parameters:obj (mixed) – FTSJob, FTSFile or FTSSite instance