It is a helper module which contains the available reports

class DIRAC.MonitoringSystem.private.MainReporter.MainReporter(db, setup)

Bases: object

class MainReporter

:param object __db database object :param str __setup DIRAC setup :param str __csSection CS section used to configure some parameters. :param list __plotterList available plotters

__init__(db, setup)

c’tor :param self: self reference :param object the database module :param str setup DIRAC setup

generate(reportRequest, credDict)

It is used to create a plot. :param dict reportRequest plot attributes used to create the plot

Note: I know credDict is not used, but if we plan to add some policy, we need to use it! :return dict S_OK/S_ERROR the values used to create the plot


It returns the available plots :param str typeName monitoring type :return dict S_OK/S_ERROR list of available reports (plots)

class DIRAC.MonitoringSystem.private.MainReporter.PlottersList

Bases: object

class PlottersList

Used to determine all available plotters used to create the plots

:param dict __plotters stores the available plotters


c’tor :param self: self reference


It returns the plotter class for a given monitoring type