This module contains methods for the validation of production definitions

class DIRAC.ProductionSystem.Utilities.ProdValidator.ProdValidator

Bases: object


x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

checkMatchQuery(mq, mqParent)

Check the logical intersection between the two metaqueries

  • mq (dict) – a dictionary of the MetaQuery to be checked against the mqParent
  • mqParent (dict) – a dictionary of the parent MetaQuery to be checked against the mq
checkTransDependency(transID, parentTransID)

Check if the transformation and the parent transformation are linked

  • transID (int) – the TransformationID
  • parentTransID (int) – the parent TransformationID
Check if the status of the transformation is valid for the transformation to be added to a production.
New is the only valid status
Parameters:transID (int) – the TransformationID

Check the format query and transform all dict values in dict for uniform treatment

Parameters:MetaQueryDict (dict) – a dictionary of the MetaQuery
compareValues(value, parentValue)

Very simple comparison. To be improved

  • value (dict) – a dictionary with meta data values to be compared with the parentValues
  • parentValue (dict) – a dictionary with meta data parentValues be compared with values