Module used for calling policies. Its class is used for invoking real policies, based on the policy name.

class DIRAC.ResourceStatusSystem.PolicySystem.PolicyCaller.PolicyCaller(clients=None)

Bases: object

PolicyCaller loads policies, sets commands and runs them.



static policyEvaluation(policy, command)

Method that given a policy and a command objects, assigns the second one as a member of the first and evaluates the policy.

policyInvocation(decisionParams, policyDict)

Invokes a policy:

1. If policy is None, import the policy module specified with pModule (e.g. ‘DT_Policy’).

1.1. Create a policy object.

2. Set the policy arguments (usually granularity, name) + extraArgs.

3. If commandIn is specified (normally it is), use DIRAC.ResourceStatusSystem.Command.CommandCaller.CommandCaller.setCommandObject() to get a command object