SLURM is a DIRAC independent class representing SLURM batch system. SLURM objects are used as backend batch system representation for LocalComputingElement and SSHComputingElement classes

class DIRAC.Resources.Computing.BatchSystems.SLURM.SLURM

Bases: object


Get the overall status of the CE


Get output file names and templates for the specific CE

Reorder the content of the output files according to the node identifier if multiple nodes were involved.

From: >>> 1: line1 >>> 2: line1 >>> 1: line2 To: >>> # On node 1 >>> line1 >>> line2 >>> # On node 2 >>> line1


Get status of the jobs in the given list


Delete a job from SLURM batch scheduler. Input: list of jobs output: int


Submit nJobs to the OAR batch system