Message Queue wrapper

class DIRAC.Resources.LogBackends.MessageQueueBackend.MessageQueueBackend(backendParams=None, backendFilters=None)

Bases: AbstractBackend

MessageQueueBackend is used to create an abstraction of the handler and the formatter concepts from logging. Here, we have:

  • MessageQueueHandler: which is a custom handler created in DIRAC to send log records to a Message Queue server. You can find it in: FrameworkSys./private/standardlogging/Handler

  • BaseFormatter: is a custom Formatter object, created for DIRAC in order to get the appropriate display.

You can find it in FrameworkSystem/private/standardLogging/Formatter

__init__(backendParams=None, backendFilters=None)

Initialization of the MessageQueueBackend


the handler


Configure the level of the handler associated to the backend. Make sure the handler has been created before calling the method.


level (int) – a level