Class that contains client access to the StorageManagerDB handler.

class DIRAC.StorageManagementSystem.Client.StorageManagerClient.StorageManagerClient(**kwargs)

Bases: DIRAC.Core.Base.Client.Client

This is the client to the StorageManager service, so even if it is not seen, it exposes all its RPC calls



Parameters:kwargs – just stored as an attribute and passed when creating the RPCClient
executeRPC(*parms, **kws)

This method extracts some parameters from kwargs that are used as parameter of the constructor or RPCClient. Unfortunately, only a few of all the available parameters of BaseClient are exposed.

  • rpc – if an RPC client is passed, use that one
  • timeout – we can change the timeout on a per call bases. Default 120 s
  • url – We can specify which url to use

Getter for the server url. Useful ?


Set the server URL used by default

Parameters:url – url of the service

Specify the timeout of the call. Forwarded to RPCClient

Parameters:timeout – guess…
DIRAC.StorageManagementSystem.Client.StorageManagerClient.getFilesToStage(lfnList, jobState=None, checkOnlyTapeSEs=None, jobLog=None)

Utility that returns out of a list of LFNs those files that are offline, and those for which at least one copy is online