1. Client Installation

The DIRAC client installation procedure consists of several steps. This example is destinated for tutorials. For more information about various options of installing DIRAC Client see the Getting Started guide.

1.1 Install script

Download the dirac-install script from here:

curl https://github.com/DIRACGrid/DIRAC/raw/master/Core/scripts/dirac-install.py --output=dirac-install
chmod +x dirac-install

1.2 Installation

In most cases you are installing the DIRAC client to work as a member of some particular user community or, in other words, Virtual Organization (VO). The managers of your VO usually prepare default settings to be applied for the DIRAC client installation. In this case the installation procedure reduces to the following assuming the name of the Virtual Organization vo.formation.idgrilles.fr:

./dirac-install -V formation
source bashrc

The above command will download also vo.formation.idgrilles.fr_defaults.cfg file which contains the VO default settings. Check with your VO managers if this mode of installation is available.

1.3 Configuration

Once the client software is installed, it should be configured in order to access the corresponding DIRAC services. The minimal necessary configuration is done by the following command:

dirac-configure defaults-formation.cfg

When you run this command for the first time you might see some errors messages about a failure to access DIRAC services. This is normal because at this point the configuration is not yet done and you do not have a valid proxy. After creating a proxy with proxy-init command, just repeat the dirac-configure command once again.

1.4 Updating the client installation

The client software update when a new version is available is simply done by running again the dirac-install command as in p.1.2. You can run the dirac-install giving the exact version of the DIRAC software, for example:

dirac-install -r v6r20p14