2022-11-14 10:27:19 UTC dirac-install [NOTICE] Processing installation requirements


tmpye6xt59k <opts> <cfgFile>


r:  release=             : Release version to install
l:  project=             : Project to install
e:  extensions=          : Extensions to install (comma separated)
t:  installType=         : Installation type (client/server)
i:  pythonVersion=       : Python version to compile (27/26)
p:  platform=            : Platform to install
P:  installationPath=    : Path where to install (default current working dir)
b   build                : Force local compilation
g:  grid=                : lcg tools package version
    no-lcg-bundle        : lcg tools not to be installed
B   noAutoBuild          : Do not build if not available
v   useVersionsDir       : Use versions directory
u:  baseURL=             : Use URL as the source for installation tarballs
d   debug                : Show debug messages
V:  installation=        : Installation from which to extract parameter values
X   externalsOnly        : Only install external binaries
M:  defaultsURL=         : Where to retrieve the global defaults from
h   help                 : Show this help
T:  Timeout=             : Timeout for downloads (default = %s)
    dirac-os-version=    : the version of the DIRAC OS
    dirac-os             : Enable installation of DIRAC OS
    tag=                 : release version to install from git, http or local
m:  module=              : Module to be installed. for example: -m DIRAC or -m git://github.com/DIRACGrid/DIRAC.git:DIRAC
x:  external=            : external version
    createLink           : create version symbolic link from the versions directory. This is equivalent to the            following command: ln -s /opt/dirac/versions/vArBpC vArBpC
    scriptSymlink        : Symlink the scripts instead of creating wrapper
    userEnvVariables=    : User-requested environment variables (comma-separated, name and value separated by ":::")

Known options and default values from /defaults section of releases file:

Release =
Project = DIRAC
ModulesToInstall = []
ExternalsType = client
PythonVersion = 27
LcgVer =
UseVersionsDir = False
BuildExternals = False
NoAutoBuild = False
Debug = False
Timeout = 300

See https://github.com/DIRACGrid/management/blob/master/dirac-install.py