PlottingClient is a client of the Plotting Service

class DIRAC.FrameworkSystem.Client.PlottingClient.PlottingClient(rpcClient=None, transferClient=None)

Bases: object

__init__(rpcClient=None, transferClient=None)
barGraph(data, fileName, *args, **kw)
cumulativeGraph(data, fileName, *args, **kw)
curveGraph(data, fileName, *args, **kw)
getPlotToFile(plotName, fileName)

Get the prefabricated plot from the service and store it in a file


Get the prefabricated plot from the service and return it as a string

graph(data, fname=False, *args, **kw)

Generic method to obtain graphs from the Plotting service. The requested graphs are completely described by their data and metadata

histogram(data, fileName, bins, *args, **kw)
lineGraph(data, fileName, *args, **kw)
pieGraph(data, fileName, *args, **kw)
qualityGraph(data, fileName, *args, **kw)
textGraph(text, fileName, *args, **kw)