Helper class for configuring the monitoring service.

class DIRAC.MonitoringSystem.Client.Types.BaseType.BaseType

Bases: object

class BaseType
  • index (str) – we use daily indexes for example:wmshistory_index-2015-10-09

  • keyFields (list) – The attributes what we monitor.

  • monitoringFields (list) – This is the value what we plot

  • dataToKeep (int) – Data retention. We keep all data by default.

  • mapping (dict) – We can specify the mapping of the documents. It is used during the creation of an index. Note: If you do not want to be analysed a string, you have to set the mapping

  • period (str) – We can configure the elasticsearch index name with a period. By default we use daily indexes, but we can also use weekly, monthly, yearly indexes. Or use no period at all. Supported values: day, week, month, year, null




self – self reference


mapping (dict) – the mapping used by elasticsearch


The mandatory fields has to be present