AREX Computing Element (ARC REST interface) Using the REST interface now and fail if REST interface is not available. A lot of the features are common with the API interface. In particular, the XRSL language is used in both cases. So, we retain the xrslExtraString and xrslMPExtraString strings.

class DIRAC.Resources.Computing.AREXComputingElement.AREXComputingElement(ceUniqueID)

Bases: ARCComputingElement


Standard constructor.


This method returns the number of available slots in the target CE. The CE instance polls for waiting and running jobs and compares to the limits in the CE parameters.


jobIDList (list) – list of already existing job IDs to be checked against


Method to return information on running and pending jobs. Query the CE directly to get the number of waiting and running jobs for the given VO and queue. The specification is apparently in glue2 and if you do a raw print out of the information it goes on and on as it dumps the full configuration of the CE for all VOs, queues, states and parameters. Hopefully this function weeds out everything except the relevant queue.


Get CE description as a dictionary.

This is called by the JobAgent for the case of “inner” CEs.

getJobOutput(jobID, _localDir=None)

Get the specified job standard output and error files. The output is returned as strings.


Get the status information for the given list of jobs


Initialize the CE parameters after they are collected from various sources


Check if the stored proxy is valid


Check the sanity of the Computing Element definition


Kill the specified jobs


list – list of DIRAC Job IDs


Instantiate object representing the backend batch system


batchSystemName (str) – name of the batch system

sendOutput(stdid, line)

Callback function such that the results from the CE may be returned.


Update the CPUTime parameter of the CE classAd, necessary for running in filling mode


Add parameters from the given dictionary overriding the previous values


ceOptions (dict) – CE parameters dictionary to update already defined ones

setProxy(proxy, valid=0)

Set proxy for this instance


Optional method to shutdown the (Inner) Computing Element

submitJob(executableFile, proxy, numberOfJobs=1)

Method to submit job Assume that the ARC queues are always of the format nordugrid-<batchSystem>-<queue> And none of our supported batch systems have a “-” in their name


CE helper function to write a CE proxy string to a file.