Create one replication transformation for each MetaValue given Is running in dry-run mode, unless enabled with -x MetaValue and TargetSEs can be comma separated lists


dirac-transformation-replication <MetaValue1[,val2,val3]> <TargetSEs> [-G<Files>] [-S<SourceSEs>][-N<ExtraName>] [-T<Type>] [-M<Key>] [-K...] -x


-G  --GroupSize <value>      : Number of Files per transformation task
-R  --GroupName <value>      : TransformationGroup Name
-S  --SourceSEs <value>      : SourceSE(s) to use, comma separated list
-N  --Extraname <value>      : String to append to transformation name
-P  --Plugin <value>         : Plugin to use for transformation
-T  --Flavour <value>        : Flavour to create: Replication or Moving
-K  --MetaKey <value>        : Meta Key to use: TransformationID
-M  --MetaData <value>       : MetaData to use Key/Value Pairs: 'DataType:REC,'
-x  --Enable                 : Enable the transformation creation, otherwise dry-run