DIRAC Section

The DIRAC section contains general parameters needed in most of installation types. In the table below options directly placed into the section are described.


The name of the Virtual Organization of the installation User Community. The option is defined in a single VO installation.

ValueType: string


The name of the DIRAC installation Setup. This option is defined in the client installations to define which subset of DIRAC Systems the client will work with. See DIRAC Configuration for the description of the DIRAC configuration nomenclature.

ValueType: string


The list of extensions to the Core DIRAC software used by the given installation

ValueType: list

Configuration subsection

The Configuration subsection defines several options to discover and use the configuration data


This option defines a list of configuration servers, both master and slaves, from which clients can obtain the configuration data

ValueType: list


the URL of the Master Configuration Server. This server is used for updating the Configuration Service.

ValueType: string


Enables automatic merging of the modifications done in parallel by several clients

ValueType: boolean

This subsection is used to configure the Configuration Servers attributes. It should not edited by hand since it is upated by the Master Configuration Server to reflect the current situation of the system.





AutoPublish = yes


Allows Auto Merge. Takes a boolean value.

EnableAutoMerge = yes


Define the primary master server.

MasterServer = dips://cclcgvmli09.in2p3.fr:9135/Configuration/Server


Name of Configuration file

Name = Dirac-Prod


PropagationTime = 100


How many time the secondary servers are going to refresh configuration from master. Expressed as Integer and seconds as unit.

RefreshTime = 600


SlavesGraceTime = 100


List of Configuration Servers installed. Expressed as URLs using dips as protocol.

Servers = dips://cclcgvmli09.in2p3.fr:9135/Configuration/Server


CS configuration version used by DIRAC services as indicator when they need to reload the configuration. Expressed using date format.

Version = 2011-02-22 15:17:41.811223

Security subsection

The Security subsection defines several options related to the DIRAC/DISET security framework


Flag to use server certificates and not user proxies. This is typically true for the server installations.

ValueType: boolean


Flag to skip the server identity by the client. The flag is usually defined in the client installations

ValueType: boolean


Directory where host certificate is located in the server, for example /opt/dirac/etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem


Directory where host key is located in the server. For example /opt/dirac/etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem


This section should only appear in the local dirac.cfg file of each installation, never in the central configuration.

Setups subsection

The subsection defines the names of different DIRAC Setups as subsection names. In each subsection of the Setup section the names of corresponding System instances are defined. In the example below “Production” instances of Systems Configuration and Framework are defined as part of the “Dirac-Production” Setup:

      Configuration = Production
      Framework = Production

For each Setup known to the installation, there must be a subsection with the appropriated name. Each option represents a DIRAC System available in the Setup and the Value is the instance of System that is used in that setup. For instance, since the Configuration is unique for the whole installation, all setups should have the same instance for the Configuration systems.