Create and put Requests to archive files.

List of operations

  1. Optionally replicate files to SourceSE

  2. ArchiveFiles: Create a tarball from input files, upload tarball to TarballSE

  3. ReplicateAndRegister Tarball to TargetSE

  4. Optionally: Add LFNs to an ArchiveSE

  5. Optionally: Check for Tarball Migration

  6. Remove all other replicas for these files, or remove all files

  7. Remove original replica of Tarball

Will copy all the respective files and place them in to tarballs. Then the tarballs are migrated to another storage element. Once the file is migrated to tape the original files will be removed. Optionally the original files can be registered in a special archive SE, so that their metadata is preserved.

Related Options

This script only works if the ArchiveFiles and CheckMigration RequestHandlers are configured. To prevent submission of broken requests the script needs to be enabled in the Operations section of the CS

  • Operations/DataManagement/ArchiveFiles/Enabled=True

Default values for any of the command line options can also be set in the CS

  • Operations/DataManagement/ArchiveFiles/ArchiveSE

  • Operations/DataManagement/ArchiveFiles/TarballSE

  • Operations/DataManagement/ArchiveFiles/SourceSE

  • Operations/DataManagement/ArchiveFiles/MaxFiles


dirac-dms-create-archive-request [options] ...


-A  --ArchiveSE <value>      : SE for registering archive files at
-I  --TarballSE <value>      : SE to initially upload tarball
-P  --Path <value>           : LFN path to folder, all files in the folder will be archived
-N  --Name <value>           : Name of the Tarball, if not given: Path_Tars/Path_N.tar will be used to store tarballs
-L  --List <value>           : File containing list of LFNs to archive, requires Name to be given
--MaxFiles=              : Maximum number to put in one tarball: Default 2000
--MaxSize=               : Maximum number of Bytes to put in one tarball: Default 2147483648
-S  --SourceSE <value>       : Where to remove the LFNs from
-T  --TargetSE <value>       : Where to move the Tarball to
-M  --ReplicateTarball       : Replicate the tarball
-C  --CheckMigration         : Ensure the tarball is migrated to tape before removing any files or replicas
-D  --RemoveReplicas         : Remove Replicas from non-ArchiveSE
-U  --RemoveFiles            : Remove Archived files completely
-R  --RegisterDescendent     : Register the Tarball as a descendent of the archived LFNs
--AllowReplication       : Enable first replicating to Source-SE
--SourceOnly             : Only treat files that are already at the Source-SE
-X  --Execute                : Put Requests, else dryrun