Set of utilities to retrieve Information from proxy


convert a proxy infoDict into a string


Format the List of Proxy steps dictionaries as a printable string.

DIRAC.Core.Security.ProxyInfo.getProxyInfo(proxy=False, disableVOMS=False)

a dict with all the proxy info:

  • values that will be there always
    • ‘chain’ : chain object containing the proxy

    • ‘subject’ : subject of the proxy

    • ‘issuer’ : issuer of the proxy

    • ‘isProxy’ : bool

    • ‘isLimitedProxy’ : bool

    • ‘validDN’ : Valid DN in DIRAC

    • ‘validGroup’ : Valid Group in DIRAC

    • ‘secondsLeft’ : Seconds left

  • values that can be there
    • ‘path’ : path to the file,

    • ‘group’ : DIRAC group

    • ‘groupProperties’ : Properties that apply to the DIRAC Group

    • ‘username’ : DIRAC username

    • ‘identity’ : DN that generated the proxy

    • ‘hostname’ : DIRAC host nickname

    • ‘VOMS’

DIRAC.Core.Security.ProxyInfo.getProxyInfoAsString(proxyLoc=False, disableVOMS=False)

return the info as a printable string


Extended information of all Steps in the ProxyChain Returns a list of dictionary with Info for each Step.


Return the VO associated to the group in the proxy