This module allows to resolve output SEs for Job based on SE and site/country association

DIRAC.DataManagementSystem.Utilities.ResolveSE.getDestinationSEList(outputSE, site, outputmode='Any')

Evaluate the output SE list from a workflow and return the concrete list of SEs to upload output data. The resolution order goes as follow:

  • outputSE as a normal StorageElement

  • outputSE as an alias of one SE defined in the site AssociatedSEs (return local first)

  • outputSE as an alias of multiple SE (local SE should come first)

  • outputSE as a StorageElementGroup

Moreover, if output mode is Local:

  • return ONLY local SE within the SEGroup if they exist (i.e. in the <site>/SE> config)

  • look at associated countries and countries association

  • outputSE (str) – name of the SE or SEGroup we want to resolve

  • site (str) – site on which we are running

  • outputmode (str) – (default “Any”) resolution mode


list of string


RuntimeError if anything is wrong