BaseBody serves as a base class for all the BodyPlugin, as well as documentation reference for that object.

class DIRAC.TransformationSystem.Client.BodyPlugin.BaseBody.BaseBody

Bases: JSerializable

Body plugins are meant to add evolved logic into the process of turning a TransformationSystem Task into an RMS Request.

All your BodyPlugins should inherit from this class. Note that BaseBody inherit from DIRAC.Core.Utilities.JEncode.JSerializable, so you should follow the guidelines from this class too.

taskToRequest(taskID, task, transID)

This is the only method needed by your plugin. Its role is to turn the task into a Request. Note that this method is called for one task at the time.

  • taskID – id for the task

  • task – dict describing the task

  • transID – id of the transformation


A request object