This class is being called whenever there is need to send data operation to Accounting or Monitoring, or both. Created as replacement, or rather semplification, of the MonitoringReporter/gDataStoreClient usage for data operation to handle both cases.

class DIRAC.MonitoringSystem.Client.DataOperationSender.DataOperationSender

Bases: object

class:: DataOperationSender It reads the MonitoringBackends option to decide whether send and commit data operation to either Accounting or Monitoring.


Flush to the services what is still queued

sendData(baseDict, commitFlag=False, delayedCommit=False, startTime=False, endTime=False, failedRecords=None)

Sends the input to Monitoring or Accounting based on the monitoringOptions

  • baseDict (dict) – contains a key/value pair

  • commitFlag (bool) – decides whether to commit the record or not.

  • delayedCommit (bool) – decides whether to commit the record with delay (only for sending to Accounting)

  • startTime (int) – epoch time, start time of the plot

  • endTime (int) – epoch time, end time of the plot

  • failedRecords (list) – list of records for the failed operation