Testing a service while developing it

As described in Testing (VO)DIRAC a way to test a service is to run an integration test, that can run when the service is actually running. It is also possible to write a proper unit test, but this is not always the recommended way. Reasons are:

  • It’s not always trivial to write a unit test for a service (while they exists)

  • The code inside a service is (should be) simple, no logic should be embedded in there: so, what you want to test, is its integration.

Exercise 1:

Write an integration test for HelloHandler. This test uses pytest, and assumes that the Hello service is running. The test stub follows:

# sut
from DIRAC.Core.Base.Client import Client

helloService = Client(url="Framework/Hello")

def test_success():

def test_failure():

As said, examples can be found in the DIRAC/tests/Integration/ package.