Job Description Language ReferenceΒΆ

In this section all the attributes that can be used in the DIRAC JDL job descriptions are presented.

The basic JDL parameters

These are the parameters giving the basic job description

Attribute Name Description Example
Executable Name of the executable file Executable = "/bin/ls";
Arguments String of arguments for the job executable Arguments = "-ltr";
StdError Name of the file to get the standard error stream of the user application StdError = "std.err";
StdOutput Name of the file to get the standard output stream of the user application StdOutput = "std.out";
InputSandbox A list of input sandbox files InputSandbox = {""};
OutputSandbox A list of output sandbox files OutputSandbox = {"std.err","std.out"};

Job Requirements

These parameters are interpreted as job requirements

Attribute Name Description Example
CPUTime Max CPU time required by the job in HEPSPEC06 seconds CPUTime = 18000;
Site Job destination site Site = {""};
BannedSites Sites where the job must not go BannedSites = {""};
Platform Target Operating System Platform = "Linux_x86_64_glibc-2.5";


Describing job data

Attribute Name Description Example
InputData Job input data files InputData = {"/dirac/user/a/atsareg/data1", "/dirac/user/a/atsareg/data1"};
OutputData Job output data files OutputData = {"output1","output2"};
OutputPath The output data path in the File Catalog OutputPath = {"/myjobs/output"};
OutputSE The output data Storage Element OutputSE = {"DIRAC-USER"};

Parametric Jobs

Bulk submission parameters

Attribute Name Description Example
Parameters Number of parameters or a list of values Parameters = 10;
ParameterStart Value of the first parameter ParameterStart = 0.;
ParameterStep Parameter increment ParameterStep = 0.1; (default 0.)
ParameterFactor Parameter multiplier ParameterFactor = 1.1; (default 1.)