Create and put Requests to move files.

List of operations:

#. ReplicateAndRegister LFNs
#. Check for Migration
#. Remove all other replicas for these files


dirac-dms-create-moving-request [options] ...


-L  --List <value>           : File containing list of LFNs to move
-P  --Path <value>           : LFN path to folder, all files in the folder will be moved
-S  --SourceSE <value>       : Where to remove the LFNs from
-T  --TargetSE <value>       : Where to move the LFNs to
-N  --Name <value>           : Name of the Request
-C  --CheckMigration         : Ensure the LFNs are migrated to tape before removing any replicas
-X  --Execute                : Put Requests, else dryrun