DIRAC version: 7.3.39.dev4+g5938d10.d20230927

Script that dumps the DB information for the elements into the standard output. If returns information concerning the StatusType and Status attributes.


dirac-rss-query-db [options] ...


--element=               : Element family to be Synchronized ( Site, Resource, Node )
--tableType=             : A valid table type (Status, Log, History)
--name=                  : ElementName (comma separated list allowed); None if default
--statusType=            : A valid StatusType argument (it admits a comma-separated list of statusTypes); None if default
--status=                : A valid Status argument ( Active, Probing, Degraded, Banned, Unknown, Error ); None if default
--elementType=           : ElementType narrows the search; None if default
--reason=                : Decision that triggered the assigned status
--lastCheckTime=         : Time-stamp setting last time the status & status were checked
--tokenOwner=            : Owner of the token ( to specify only with select/delete queries
--VO=                    : Virtual organisation; None if default