Administrator Command Reference

In this subsection all the dirac-admin commands available are explained. You can get up-to-date documentation by using the -h switch on any of them. The following command line flags are common to all DIRAC scripts making use of the parseCommandLine method of the base Script class:

General options:
  -o:  --option=         : Option=value to add
  -s:  --section=        : Set base section for relative parsed options
  -c:  --cert=           : Use server certificate to connect to Core Services
  -d   --debug           : Set debug mode (-dd is extra debug)
  -h   --help            : Shows this help

General information:

Managing Registry:

Managing Resources:

Workload management commands:

Transformation management commands:

Managing DIRAC installation:

Managing DIRAC software:

User convenience:

ProxyManager management commands:

Other commands: